Gravity Weighted Blanket




Have you ever tried sleeping with a weighted blanket? If not, you should try one out soon.

It is proven to help people with sleeping issues snooze faster by adding deep pressure stimulation to relax the nerves. You can think of it as being hugged to sleep. And why is that good? Here are a few reasons:

  • Relieves anxiety
  • Relieves perception of pain
  • Relieves depression
  • Improves quality of sleep

If you have been struggling with sleep disorders, insomnia, or just having difficulties sleeping, investing in a weighted blanket might just solve all your problems.

Don’t believe us? Check out recent studies herehere, and here.

We highly recommend the ones from Gravity. They are very high quality and durable. I own one that has been with me since I got it in their Kickstarter campaign back in 2017 and it still looks as good as new.

Plus, the designs are gorgeous and the materials used are super comfy.

Price listed is based on the single size Gravity Weighted Blanket. Check for discounts and actual prices on their website.

Note: We do not carry this product. The link will bring you to the official Gravity website where you can shop around. We are an affiliate, which means we may get a small commission if you purchase something from them, at no cost to you at all. Opinions are ours, not sponsored.


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